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Club AGM Minutes 2020

Dear Member,

Please find below the Club AGM minutes from 2020.

Calderfields Golf & Country Club


2020 Club AGM.


Thursday 27th May 2021  7.00pm


Meeting brought to order and commenced at 7.10 pm.


  • Housekeeping and Covid Restrictions.

Dan advised attendees that the slide being projected onto the screen was giving relevant current advice regarding the latest covid restrictions in place within the Club and requested that all abide by them.


2)Tom welcomed everyone to the 2020 Club AGM.


He  asked if anyone had not signed the attendance Register, could they please do so.

There are no vacancies this Year for  positions on the Committee due to the lockdown period and previously elected officers will continue in 2021 to undertake their duties.





Tom Kennan                 President 2020 + Handicap

Alan Ratcliffe                Captain

Dave Freeman             Senior Captain (2020)

Dan Lowe                     General Manager

John Burnett                 Handicap (2021)

Ken Jones                    Club Sec


27 Members from all sections


2) Apologies:-    D.Senior,, A Davies, I Gilbert, J Bowskill, R Colbatch, Kath Forester, Jean Brothwood.


3) Minutes of Last Meeting:-


The minutes from the AGM were accepted. Nick Hirst accepted and seconded by Ken Wilson..



4) Matters arising:-


There was one matter carried forward from 2019 relating to Competitions played at weekends but this had been raised again this Year as a question from the floor and would be dealt with in that section later in the evening.



  5)Section Reports


 Club Captains Report  Presented by Alan Ratcliffe


Good evening director’s management president senior captain lady captain and members.

Last year didn’t start great with the lock down but when the clubs re-opened there were still restrictions in place but we got through it, we started the competitions as soon as we could allow and golf started to get a little back to normal, I even managed to get my captains away day which was at the West Midlands. A fantastic day had by all even great weather, we held back any club meetings by the committee only doing any urgent ones, I would like to say a big thank you to John and Tom ,who when the world handicap system came into place in October have worked hard to get the system up and running. I know John has put a lot of his own hours in at night and weekends to get to where we are today so thank you guys. And of course the next lockdown happened and not much more until April this year.

Members that have passed away this last year.

John Timmins

Alan Porter

Mick Perry

Ron Malaband

Graham Mason and Ken Lees.


Seniors Section presented by Dave Freeman (Seniors Captain)


Senior Captains Report for AGM – 27th May 2021

This report is to cover activity and information for 2020.

We had 84 members at the beginning of the year and ended with 81.

Given all of the lockdown periods we managed to play 26 of our Thursday competitions with an average of 55 players each week.

We did manage to play all of our Majors as follows:

Ted Brown AM/AM – John Dugmore, Gren Bargh, Ken Wilson & Ray Rhodes.

Geoff Radford Trophy – Phil Ricks – 38 pts

Colin Grubb Shield – Len Hayles & Eddie Hewitt – 47 pts

Paul Simkiss Trophy – Phil Ricks – 45 pts

Crystal Orb – Keith Robinson – 38 pts

Seniors Club Champion – Dave Cooke – nett 70

Seniors Matchplay Champion – Ken Jones

We managed to play a home and away match against Lichfield and won both. Thanks passed to management for arranging hot food and drinks at halfway.

Finally on a sad note we lost the following:

March – Ken Lees

March – Graham Mason

April – John Timmins

June – Ron Malaband

Jan ’21 – Alan & Sybil Porter

Jan ’21 – Mick Perry

A minutes silence held in memory of them all.

Thanks given to Directors and Management for the support shown to all members over an unprecedented past 12 months.

Report concluded.

David Freeman

Seniors Captain


Ladies Section Presented by Jean Barley (Lady Captain 2020)


Mr President,Captain,Directors and Management.

This will be one of the shortest reports I have ever given.

The Ladies were only able to play in two trophy competitions before another Lockdown closed the course.

The Jenny Luke trophy was won by Sue Bowskill and the Charity Shield was won by Sarah Purvis.Well done to both Ladies.

We are slowly getting use dto the new Handicap system, but we will get there.

I would like to than Jean Noon for being our Treasurer,and Beryl Saunders for the three months she was Lady Captain.

I would like to thank the Greenkeepers for all their hard work keeping the course in good condition.Also to Tehgan and Ryan and staff in the shop for all their help.

I wish our new Lady Captain Sarah Purvis the very best for the rest of 2021.


Jen Barley Lady Captain 2020


Handicap and Competition (John Burnett)


John presented a rundown of how to Register and sign in to the current WHS system and outlined some of the numerous issues that had arrisen since commencement.

He had attended th erecent new Members meeting and run through the basisc for them so they were able to undertsnd how to get their Handicaps and become registered with England Golf to allow entry into forthcoming competitions and recors social golf alike.

He also offered to provide an personal instruction session for the Ladies to help support them in joining onto the system.


The report was in the form of a Powere point presentation which is appended as an attachment to the end of the minutes.


6) Treasurers Report ( Mens, Ladies, Seniors)


A report for the Men’s section was presented by Les Williams and Seniors by Michael Kimberley.

KSJ had received the Ladies Accounts from Jean Noon and read them out for the benefit of the meeting..

The actual reports are included as attachments.




  • Management Report presented by Dan Lowe.


Dan presented via Power Point the summary of how the last 12 Months had been from the Clubs perspective and the specific challenges and impacts the Lockdowns had had on the operational side of the business.

He also advised the decisions made by the Directors to endevour to treat the members fairly by rewarding the  members who had continued to pay direct debits etc during this period

Direct Debits had been reduced or additional extensions to renewal dates were implemented during the first lockdown and repayemnt to Members Accounts made during the nex period.


The full presentation is appended to the minutes.




Report presented by Greens Chair (Paul Marsh) Compiled by Head Greenkeeper Matt Jupp.


When I arrived in February and evaluated the course my main focus was on the greens and noticed some issues with them. One being is a lot of water gathers on the greens which was resulting in loss of grass cover due to poor health. The roots were standing for long periods in anaerobic conditions with little or no oxygen resulting in diseases such as Fusarium and Anthracnose. Because of these conditions fine grasses are finding it impossible to survive which results in a lot of poa being present in the sward which will lead to poor health and extended outbreaks of disease throughout the year. A greens maintenance programme is in place where we are hoping to improve the drainage of surface water with an aeration programme, this will also help reduce the thatch levels as oxygen will be allowed into the rootzone and once the thatch levels are under control, we will be able to start a long-term overseeding programme where we can start to introduce finer grasses into the sward. Finer grasses bring smoother putting surfaces.

Since arriving I have made a few minor changes out on the course which I hope has improved your golfing experience. The changes that have been made include shape to the fairways, a clear line between fairways, semi-rough and rough, bunker maintenance is now a regular practice where they are fully raked every day, and weeding and edging are also kept ongoing. Tree canopies have been raised and an overall general tidy up of the venue from the entrance to the far end of the golf course. It was made clear in my interview that lose ends must be tied up before progressing.

Current works that are taking place:

  • Installing drainage on the 17th bunkers and tree work to help improve the green quality.
  • Irrigation repairs & sprinkler head replacements (long-term)
  • Practice area (by the shop) to improve greens surface
  • Topping up bunkers with more sand and continued maintenance

The past 2 months have been a struggle with the weather with April being one of the driest on record with only 5mm of rain and an average temperature of 8.2 Celsius with a lot of overnight frosts which has delayed the recovery from winter and then going into May which we have now seen 105mm of rain which has prevented us from carrying out essential maintenance works to the greens.

I will be meeting with the Management shortly to agree a proposed winter project which include:

  • Complete pathways
  • Clear all ditches
  • Tree maintenance
  • Finish new tees which were left outstanding.
  • Course furniture refurbishment

I wish to thank everyone for their warm welcome and look forward to bringing the course up to a level where I am happy to push forward again.

Enjoy your golf.






  • Confirmation of Club President.


Alan confrme that Ken Jones had been invited to be President by the Club which he had accepted.



  • Confirmation of Club Secretary.

Ken Jones was currently undertaking this role and invited any Members willing to fill this position to let him know after the meeting.

KSJ confirmed that he would continue in the role if no substitute was forthcoming.





10) Confirmation of Management Committee members

For 2021 the Mangement Committe would be comprised of.

Alan Ratcliffee (Club Captain)

Rob Ashfield (Vice Captain)

Ken Jones (President /Secretary)

Sarah Purvis (Lady Captain)

Dave Freeman ( Seniors Captain)

Dan Lowe (Management)

John Burnett (Handicap & Competition)

Tom Keenan (Outgoing President when available)

Terry German (Treasurer  as and when required )

Greens (Paul Marsh)



11) New Committee Members


This Year there were no new positions due to the continuation of positions from Previous Years due to covid lockdowns.


  • Questions from the Floor.

Dave Blacker had submitted a letter requesting a further review and clarification on why Majors could not be held for example on a Friday.


KSJ responded to this question and confirmed this point had been discussed by Managemnt and discounted as not being viable for the Club.

KSJ and Tom Keenan had researched other Clubs in the area and could not find a single club that held majors generally on a Friday or other weekday.

It was advised that 60 +% of golf was played by members at the weekend which gave the majority of those the chance to enter the Major Competitions.

21% of our current 23  Majors are actually held midweek so are reasonably represented for 5 day members.

The history of the weeknd majors is embedded from when the Club ws initially formed and more weekday comps have since been added making more available.

The 5 Day members can enter the Majors by paying the green fee for the day so are not excluded.

The complications of extending Majors over three days was unmanageable  from the Management perspective of cutting and keeping pin positions etc in one location.

Given the above a decision has been made that the Majors will continue to be held at weekends.


Being no other Business the meeting was closed at 8.20PM.

It is intended to revert back to normal Timescales for 2021 AGM and will be held in January 2022.














Tom confirmed that there had been 4 Nominations for the Three positions so members could have one vote for each of their chosen (1 Per Candidate) 3 in total.

The relative roles would be determined by the numbers of votes for each.

Tom confirmed the candidates as:

Matthew Jackson

John Burnett

Paul Marsh

Terry German.



Announcement of new Committee members.


As a result of the ballot the following positions have been awarded.


Paul Marsh              3 Years

John Burnett            2 Years

Matthew Jackson    1 Year


Congratulations to all.



16) Questions from the Floor:


Dave Blackwell had posted a question relating to him being able to enter the Major competitions as a 5 day member when most of them were played on a Sunday.

Tom did confirm that there was no restriction on entering these competitions but that as a 5 day member he would have to pay the weekend green fee.

He encountered a problem last year in the Champagne Bowl where his opponent in one of the rounds could only play as he worked during the week.

Tom explained that people would try to be flexible where possible but as it was technically a weekend competition it would not be practical tio insist specific draws were played on a particular weekday.

Dave asked if more competitions could be scheduled for the week but it created a problem that many more members would then be excluded from playing.

A debate ensued between members and the Committee but no tenable solution was found to suit all parties so regime would remain in place for the time being.

It would be discussed again at the First Committee meeting.




Dave Pottinger took the floor and thanked the Committee, Management and especially the Captain for the work undertaken on a voluntary basis by all of the Committee members.


Close:  There being no further Business the AGM was closed at 9.35pm.

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