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Some top tips to help protect your Golf Course this Winter suggested by our Head Greenkeeper 2








Repair Pitchmarks

This is imperative all year round, but more so during the winter months where most often playing surfaces are softer than during the summer resulting in pitchmarks being more common and with temperatures being lower recovery time is longer. If a pitchmark isn’t repaired straight away the marked area of the green will create the ideal space for moss and disease to invade the area.

The Correct Way To Repair A Pitch Mark Is….

  • Insert the repair tool just outside the back of the ball mark. Pull the turf towards the centre of the hole. Repeat this same motion on all sides of the hole.
  • Gently tap the repaired area with your putter.
  • This action stretches undamaged turf over the ball mark providing instant recovery.

The In-Correct Way To Repair A Pitch Mark Is….

  1. DO NOT pry up the centre of the depression with a repair tool as it exposes the soil and will delay the healing process.
  2. DO NOT insert the repair tool and twist it. This only breaks more turf loose.
  3. A Pitch Mark takes only 15-30 seconds to fix correctly, a Pitch Mark in-correctly repaired takes over 3 weeks to heal.

Please do it the correct way the first time


  1. If your pitch mark has actually displaced a piece of turf, do not replace it. Just work around the edges with your repair tool as normal. Any replaced turf will simply die, delaying the healing process.
  2. Pushing the tines of your repair tool under the indented area and pushing up only damages the root system.
  3. You should not only always repair your pitch marks, but, time permitting, you should repair any other ball marks you see, too.
  4. Pitch mark repair tools are available from our shop.


Ensure your Shoes are Clean on the Greens

Removing any debris from your golf shoes before walking onto the green is very helpful and stops damage to the greens and mowers. Scuff marks from shoes can be common around the pin positions so please tap them down to help keep the best surface possible.

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