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Aidan Smith - MA Fitness
Aidan Smith director of the Sports Performance Company MA Fitness
Hey Guys my name is Aidan Smith – director of the Sports Performance Company MA Fitness. I have nine years of industry experience and have trained people from all walks of life from professional Sports Athletes to Obesity clients with a BMI of +50. My expertise lies in the performance management of my client specifically in golf, in the previous two years I have developed what I believe to be a winning formula for those looking to create consistency within their golf helping to bring down handicaps and make the game of golf a more enjoyable experience.

I understand in such a flooded fitness market choosing your trainer can be difficult but with me you will receive professionalism like no other and a trainer who is determined to master the art of golf performance. Your sessions will be enjoyable and productive targeting the areas of weakness within the body to help develop the game, not only that but a nutritional programme to help reduce body fat and increase muscular strength in order for a more controlled powerful swing.

I hope that we can meet in the future to discuss your golf and what you wish to achieve. I am certain that with the right guidance and performance management we can have you lowering your scores and who knows maybe even joining the Tour!

Best Regards


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