Tuesday 27th February 2024 The Course is partially open. Please see latest news for further information

Course Status for Tuesday 27th February 2024



Course Status for Tuesday 27th February 2024

The Course is PARTIALLY OPEN with holes 1, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 all open

Trollies can be used, BUT, MUST BE KEPT to the paths. This means, out of the rough, off the fairways, away from the roped areas, off the edge of the greens and away from the tee box areas. Anyone not adhering to this will be asked to leave the course.

Buggies (club-owned) are allowed this is due to them being programmed to keep to the designated pathways throughout.

Buggies (privately owned single-seater motorised scooters) must stick to the designated pathways throughout.

The course set up is Non-Qualifying

Sunrise today will be at: 06:59

Sun sets today at: 17:42

Duration of daylight for today: 10 Hours 42 minutes

The weather for today in six words (Max): A Bright start becoming cloudy later.

The last suggested tee time for a four-ball to complete their round in daylight is: 13:24.

All bunkers should be classified as GUR (Ground Under Repair)

Golfers are asked not to use the gated entrance and exit by our Lakeview Restaurant when they are entering as well as egressing the course.

All Golfers must use the Golfer’s Tunnel Entrance and Exit.

Please remember to book in at our shop, prior to going to the first tee or the fishing lake.

Please take care of the course, therefore rake any bunkers if you have visited one, replace any divots and repair your pitch marks.

The average time for a Four (4) Ball to play a round of golf at peak times is Four Hours and Fifteen Minutes.

Hope you enjoy your round of golf!

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